Vol 1 No 3 (2018): Advances in Research on Social Networking in Open and Distributed Learning

Mass customization of education by an institution of HE: What can we learn from industry?

Published September 12, 2018
  • Mass customization,
  • personalized learning,
  • oer
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Schuwer, R., and R. Kusters. “Mass Customization of Education by an Institution of HE: What Can We Learn from Industry?”. Demonstration Journal of the Classic Theme, Vol. 1, no. 3, Sept. 2018, https://demo.publicknowledgeproject.org/ojs3/demo/index.php/classic/article/view/822.


One of the claims the OER movement makes is that availability of (open) digital learning materials improves the quality of education. The promise is the ability to offer educational programs that take into account specific demands of the learner. The question is how to reach a situation where a customized demand can be met using OER with acceptable quality against acceptable costs. This situation resembles mass customization as is common in industry for several decades now. Techniques from an industry where an end product is assembled with the demands of the customer as a starting point can be translated to the field of education where courses and learning paths through a curriculum are assembled using a mixture of open and closed learning materials and learning services offered by an institution. Advanced IT support for both the modeling of the learning materials and services and a configurator to be used by a learner are necessary conditions for this approach.