Editorial Team

General Editor

  • Tony Stark, University of British Columbia

Managing Editor

  • Steve Rogers, Queen's University

Book Review Editor

  • Bruce Banner, Queen's University

Associate Book Review Editor

  • Thor Odinson, University of Toronto Archives

Exhibition Review Editor

  • Natasha Romanoff, Art Gallery of Ontario

French Language Editor

  • Clint Barton, Library and Archives Canada

Online Editor

  • Phil Coulson, University of Toronto Archives

Editorial Board

  • Maria Hill, Library and Archives Canada
  • Nick Furry, University of Manitoba
  • Pepper Potts, York University
  • Jarvis Vision, University of Toronto
  • James Rhodes, University of Toronto
  • Pietro Maximoff, City of Halifax
  • Wanda Maximoff, Library and Archives Canada
  • Sam Wilson, Simon Fraser University Library Special Collections & Rare Books
  • Peggy Carter, Simon Fraser University