Cultural Dialectics

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1915-836X Cultural Dialectics series (print)
1915-8378 Cultural Dialectics series (electronic)

Series Editor(s): Raphael Foshay

Associate Professor, MA Program in Integrated Studies
Athabasca University

"The difference between subject and object slices through
subject as well as through object."

— Theodore Adorno

The series provides an open arena of debate engaging questions of culture and dialectic: their practices, theoretical forms, and relations to one another and to other spheres and modes of inquiry.

Manuscripts from within or across disciplines that seriously engage the above and related questions are actively solicited. Approaches from or engaging with any of the following are especially encouraged: continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, Frankfurt and Birmingham school traditions of cultural theory, deconstruction, gender, postcoloniality, and interdisciplinarity.

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The Class Imperative

Mas’ud Zavarzadeh (Author)
August 1, 2012

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Patrick Grant (Author)
August 7, 2012