Mingling Voices

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1917-9405 Mingling Voices series (print)
1917-9413 Mingling Voices series (electronic)

Series Editor(s): Manijeh Mannani

Manijeh Mannani is Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature.

“Give us wholeness, for we are broken
But who are we asking, and why do we ask“
— Phyllis Webb

National in scope, Mingling Voices draws on the work of both new and established novelists, short story tellers, and poets. The series especially, but not exclusively, aims to promote authors who challenge traditions and cultural stereotypes. It is designed to reach a wide variety of readers, both generalists and specialists. Mingling Voices is also open to literary works that delineate the immigrant experience in Canada.

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The Kindness Colder Than the Elements

Charles Noble (Author)
August 10, 2012

The dust of just beginning

Don Kerr (Author)
August 10, 2012


Ewa Lipska (Author); Barbara Bogoczek, Tony Howard (Translator)
August 10, 2012

Dustship Glory

Andreas Schroeder (Author)
August 10, 2012


Jonathan Locke Hart (Author)
August 10, 2012